IT Outsourcing Services / IT Outsource Services

Services IT Outsource – IT Outsourcing is a service to hire external IT personnel. Also known as outsourcing IT services, undertaking the task of operating and troubleshooting IT services at enterprises.


  • Have professional knowledge about IT, internet, office equipment (computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers, …)
  • Enthusiastic, polite, listening, hardworking.
  • Flexible personnel
  • Honest, responsible at work.
  • Store records, official documents, documents and papers according to the functions and jobs undertaken.
  • Securing information, documents and business secrets of Customers.
IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

NetVAS performs periodically as follows:

  • Periodic maintenance (Check hardware and software errors), Install applications, software on demand.
  • Email settings, support corporate email errors, Install and update antivirus software.
  • Notice security vulnerabilities to users, Backup data on demand.
  • Cleaning network equipment and computers, Managing assets and equipment of each user.
  • Common error reports, suggestions for handling, Consulting, 3-party pricing and contact purchase (**)